BlogNashville Sessions

Here are some thoughts from each of the discussion leaders so participants can get a head start.  Take a look and join in the conversations even if you can’t be there in person.  Remember, this is an unconference where the words "audience" and "panel" aren’t in the plan; everyone who attends a session in person or remotely through IRC has the chance for an equal say.  For more on the "unconference" concept see Dave Winer’s pre-BloggerCon III explanation.   

Most of the discussion leaders are hosting "Food For Thought" dinners Saturday night; more info here. The dinners are another nifty Dave Winer creation   The dinners are part of Dave’s  BloggerCon formula — the Palo Alto journalism dinner hosted by Jay Rosen was where I met Robert Cox, one of the organizers of BlogNashville, and a number of other people who will be in Nashville. In fact, I think it also was where some the seeds for this mid-American conference were planted.

Faith-Based Blogging —  LaShawn Barber

Military Blogging Robin Burk

Local Politics —  Ed Cone

Making MoneyHenry Copeland

Video Blogging — Jay Dedman

Building BlogospheresHossein Derakhshan

Citizen’s MediaDan Gillmor

Protecting Bloggers —  Mark Glaser

Podcasting & Audioblogging — Brendan Greeley

Committing JournalismStaci Kramer

Global VoicesRebecca MacKinnon

A Respectful DisagreementDave Winer

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