How to increase traffic, publicity and, possibly, ad revenue in 500 easy steps

Feedster could have it nailed — skip the top 100. Start a monthly list of the top 500 "most interesting and important blogs," populate it with heavily linked-to blogs and provide a big badge that links back to your site. Add a pitch to join your ad network.

It’s an attention-raising business play but there’s also the less cynical aspect of how Feedster is trying to answer the questions raised increasingly  about links and blog referrals. By expanding the size, Feedster ‘s list opens more doors and the methodology makes up for some of the glitches that mar the Technorati 100. Feedster explains that the ranking "is achieved by taking into account factors such as the
number of inbound links over time; if the blog has been recently
updated; and the elimination of obvious non-blogs that have appeared on
other top-blog lists."

More  from Feedster’s Scott Rafer, who attended BlogHer and heard the link debate first hand, and from Scott Johnson, who acknowledges the usual suspects on the list but adds, "there are tons of bloggers on this list that I bet you never heard of."

It’s still a tip-of-the-iceberg solution that identifies blogs popular enough to garner a certain number of links. We need some vertical solutions, too, that take us deeper into subjects and communities. (Jeff Jarvis is pushing’s blog guides — he’s a consultant to the company and just discovered knitting blogs that way. ) I’d like to see a mix of editing and technology; the human touch for qualitative, the technology to uncover voices that might not otherwise be heard by more than a few people.

Coda: A version of this, essentially the lede, originally appeared on
but is no longer available. I mention
it because it was seen by some readers but isn’t on the site.

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