Hurricane Katrina: Link Blog

FYI, in addition to the links at the OJR Wiki, I’m keeping a running list of more diverse Hurricane Katrina links (in addition to the usual collection) at my OPML link blog. Some recent links:

  • Missing person/survivor sites’ listed
    at Yahoo: Thanks to Elizabeth Osder, I now have this. If anyone knows of any other sites collecting such information — formally
    or informally — that aren’t on this list, please let me know.
  • FCC is coordinating communications tech aid. Details at Boing-Boing.
  • This list at the central federal Hurricane Katrina site
    illustrates the difficulty of matching people with the missing and of
    tracking the missing. There are about a dozen different sites
    collecting info mentioned here and I know there are many more where
    people are posting. For instance, the list doesn’t include Craigslist
    or many smaller blogs and sites.
  • The remarkable Interdictor asks that anyone linking to his blog use instead. The web cam feed from 650 Poydras is being
    mirrored at

One comment

  1. Crossroads Dispatches

    International Blogging For Disaster Relief Day

    I’m wading through all the Katrina information online and way too much of it is simply divisive and frankly, totally unhelpful. For folks that are desperately looking for information on Katrina with possibly limited time and resources, it’s worse than

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