A virtual room of my own

I’ve spent the last eight years blogging but most of that was on behalf of paidContent. Six years ago I stopped my own blog, Trust But Verify, convinced that if I had time to write, it had to go to paidContent. That was part of my 24/7 approach to the job of reporting, editing, planning and building a company.  I wrote some personalized posts, which helped, but most of the time, unless I thought it fit on one of our sites, I mentally spiked what I had to say.  Twitter, and to a lesser extent Facebook,  provided

I wrote my last post as editor of paidContent last month . While my work can be published in other places (and will be), it’s time for me to once again have a virtual room of my own. I’ve kept the name Trust But Verify, one of the guiding principles I offered when I started helping other journalists move online. It has even more meaning in today’s real-time-on-steroids world — when news and gossip are mixed with information, misinformation and disinformation at a pace we couldn’t imagine even a few years ago; when eyewitnesses, sources and brands have the same tools as journalists; when spoofing identities is a sport; and when the power of the press potentially belongs to anyone who can hit send.

One difference between versions is that in addition to writing about journalism, technology, sports and life, I’ll also use this virtual room for some posts I once would have reserved for paidContent. My interests come with me, including the transformation of media in a multiplatform world; the creation, evolution — and devolution — of companies that change the way we connect with each other and with content; the people and the technology that make it all happen. I was a subscription addict, a gadget geek and a sports junkie when I got to paidContent and that hasn’t changed. None of these interests are going dormant just because I’m changing pace and place.

Mind the gap: I’ve moved to WordPress from Typepad, bringing my small archives along because I like a lot of those posts and I don’t like erasing the web. Breaking links is bad enough. I hope the gap between eras won’t be too confusing.

The site itself is a work in progress, particularly in terms of design and functionality. I’m looking forward to furnishing my new room.