The other side of Bryant Park

Midway through my time at ContentNext Media I made it through — barely — a singularly uncomfortable lunch that easily could have been an end point. It was at the Bryant Park Grill, a lovely place that for a long time after raised only the most negative emotions. I’ve been back to the park for a couple of social occasions but this afternoon, drawn by the kind of gorgeous New York day that comes only after a horrible storm, I’m sitting here feeling a kind of peace I couldn’t have imagined back then. This time the view is from the Southwest Porch, across the park from the Grill. The others at that lunch are in the midst of new ventures (It turned out I stayed the longest. Go figure.) the company has been sold twice and I’m in a place between the edges of decompression and what’s next.

It’s not a bad place to be even though it’s freaking my dad out. The temptation to walk from one job directly into the next was strong. The need to break the cycle I’ve been in for so long — and break the station — was stronger. It’s not easy to change course when you’re on a treadmill.

Today I’m challenging my perspective in New York, tomorrow I head for San Francisco to do the same at ONA12.