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Thank You, Jimmy Fallon, For A Moment Of Chris Christie

Last November, I laughed with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as he joined in the joke during a Jimmy Fallon thank-you note for his reelection. The images of Christie making fun of himself there and, earlier that year, with David Letterman drowned out less pleasant memories.

Then it showed up on the Best of Jimmy Fallon special after weeks of reports about Christie’s bullying. Instead of laughing at what initially looked like an amusing nod to a personality quirk, I cringed as Christie shoved Fallon out of the way. Until then, Christie’s bullying was all about scathing comments.

When the correspondence was published this week linking Christie’s staff and appointees to the chaos-causing shutdown of the Fort Lee lanes to the George Washington Bridge, I didn’t see Christie in his Sandy blue fleece, tearing up at idol Bruce Springsteen or laughing at fat jokes. I saw this.

Thank You, Jimmy Fallon, For A Moment Of Chris Christie

Sy Hersh, Technology and Journalism

The Guardian’s Hamish Mackintosh interviews rabblerousing investigative reporter Sy Hersh about the impact of technology on journalism.  A few excerpts:

So Dan Gillmor’s idea that "we are the media" isn’t quite the case yet? The net does one thing great for people like me: it used to be that if
I wrote a good hard story for the New Yorker magazine and the New York
Times didn’t pick it up then we all felt bad. Now the internet is so
vibrant that everything’s on it on blogs, logs or websites. The blogs are still very undisciplined though and they can be very vicious.

Has the net made it harder to cover up stories such as Abu Ghraib? … The
big impact of the net is that there’s an astonishing amount of
information to be accessed by people who know their way. For me, the
net is all about information flow, and in the long run it’s going to
mean better information.

How important is an online presence to the New Yorker? I don’t
know for sure but I think it’s a big deal for them. I know when I have
a good story going they get about half a million hits a day. …