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Some Ads Don’t Make Good Neighbors

Some Ads Don't Make Good Neighbors

The Journal News hired armed guards after its staff was threatened for posting names and address of gun owners. The New York Times has some (automated) shopping advice to go with the armed guards. The wire story in the screengrab* isn’t showing up now and probably shouldn’t have been posted since it repeats a staff article from earlier today.

*Image courtesy of eagle-eyed Ed Kohn.

If ‘It’s Not A Conversation,’ You’re Not Doing Your Job

This quote from Craig Silverman’s excellent exit interview with Arthur Brisbane explains so much. When the public editor of The New York Times chooses to believe that he is not in a conversation, you get the kind of remoteness and disconnect that marred Brisbane’s tenure. Even before social media, the best people in the role of ombudsman or public editor at any media outlet were the ones who mixed engagement with expertise and explanation.

I preferred the paradigm that says there’s an article, there’s a complaint, and there’s a point of view that I’m going to arrive at and express, and that is the process. … It’s not a conversation. I can fully appreciate that one might say it is a conversation, and it goes on and on and on. That’s fine if somebody wants to take that approach. It’s not the approach I took.

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