Is Blogging Journalism?

Corante’s Dana Blankenhorn brings up the question I most hope to avoid at BlogNashville. His response, in part:

"Short answer. No. It can be, of course. When journalists blog, when we ask hard questions, dig for facts,
and take mistakes seriously, well then yes journalism can happen on a
blog. … To say a blog is journalism is like saying web pages are journalism.
Journalism can happen on Web pages, and on blogs, in lots of places.
Not everything that’s printed is journalism. Not everything that’s
broadcast is journalism. Yet we have print and broadcast journalism.
It’s the same with blogging software."

Don’t stop at Dana’s post. Be sure to read the comments. I particularly like this from Chris Daly, a journalism professor at  BU:  "the definition of a journalist depends on the activity, not the medium. Try this tentative definition: If you seek factual, contemporary truths for an audience (of any size), you are a journalist." His full take on the subject.

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