There’s a vast difference between defining simply and flat out leaving the wrong impression. Here’s the lede from Tuesday’s WSJ story by Brian Steinberg about corporate blogging:

"Found amid the unvarnished opinion and helter-skelter discussion on Web logs, or blogs, is something crucial to any marketer: raw consumer feedback. With that in mind, companies are embarking on the delicate task of turning ‘corporate blog’ from an oxymoron into the latest channel for direct marketing to customers and prospects."

Well, yes. There’s a lot of journalism, too, and a lot of information and a lot of thoughtful discussion and a lot of consumer feedback that falls between raw and professional. Blogs run the gamut, and I don’t mean the one Dorothy Parker used when she said Katherine Hepburn ran the gamut from A to B.  I doubt Steinberg was trying to leave the impression that all blogging falls into the boundaries he used but that’s the problem with a lot of well-meaning journalism about blogs. Even a place like the Journal that’s working with blogs of its own and working with bloggers too often misses the mark in its own coverage. 

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