On the road to BlogNashville

We’re leaving home base in University City, Missouri in the next few minutes for Nashville. We should be there by late afternoon and hope to make it to the journalism and blogging panel at Belmont this evening — even though, framed as blogging vs. journalism,  the topic goes against the grain of what I hope to accomplish tomorrow morning.

Here’s the list of scheduled attendees this weekend, a great mix stuffed with a lot of usual suspects and lots of new faces. And here’s the handy-dandy discussion page, set up to aggregate BlogNahshville posts and pix. 


  1. kpaul

    heh. i didn’t mean it as a putdown or anything. i’ll clear that up on my blog post. it is sparse, but understandable 😉

  2. kpaul

    thanks, i’m sure it’s for the best.
    it’s kinda fascinating to me how i’m not even there at BlogNashville and i feel (somewhat) like i’m still participating in real time. things like this didn’t really happen even four or five years ago…

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