BlogNashville: “Commiting Journalism”: Real-time Notes

These are my real-time notes from the session we just finished on "committing journalism." I’ll add and expand later — and I hope others at the session will contribute via their own blogs or here. If you post something on the session, the tags are and BlogNashville. Josh Hallett live blogged the session. Update: K.Paul mentions that this is sparse. These were the notes I posted on the screen while I was leading the  session so it’s closer to a collection of bullet points  than a live blog. Frank Paynter writes up some highlights.

is an activity

— can be verified

— can be trusted

— transparency
— who, background
Journalism is the presentation of news in an organized fashion
deal with, credible<

be in the form of an opinion column — with facts

The lost art of political argument

Decline of political process with rose of professional

Struggle between argument and myth of objectivity

Presenting observations as a journalist


History: professional journalism


Jeff brown — presentation of news and events in an
organizaed fashion supported by facst and indepdenent verification balanced by
editorial review

Journalism — popular presentation of information

Pulse: Live blogged mayoral election

How blogging has changed what we do:

— sources

— experts

— blogging — sources available at any given time, makes
them have to think

blogs at the root are a technology

Journalism —


Opinion journalism

Couldn’t be friends with people you’re writing about

Uncovering hypocrisy

Lot of chumminess — friend of mine

Pre-telegraph: Very hard to get basic facts

Internet has accelerated that process

Not only available but overwhelming

Context to information

Brands add instant credibility

Opp to have information provided context 


From the SPJ Code of Ethics:

Seek Truth & Report It 

Minimize Harm 

Act Independently

Be Accountable

John Jay Hooker

Most important thing that’s happened in democracy

Journalism is a form of communication — no more, no less

It is the backbone of democracy, the key part of the first

Our ultimate ability to protect ourselves against the

Exposure of malfeasance

The first essential to journalism

Most imp thing is a sense of relevance

To be able to distinguish between the ache in your finger and
ache in your heart

Ability to say something 

The opportunity to blog is like a gift from g-d, the ultimate
aspect of freedom

We are journalists to the extent you want to be

Better journalism —

I know bad j when I see it

Obligation to reach beyond usual suspects?

Get out of the echo chamber


How far do you go with transparency? 


Filling in the gaps

Expand coverage

Encourage community interaction

JJH — grade your own journalism …

Art is art

Sources you choose

Chris Nolan —

It’s not doing journalism or committing journalism — it’s

Your loyalty is to the reader and the story

Unambiguous bases (foundation)

What you add to that is journalism


Opens, not closes



Nashville’s talking —

Hoder —

Filling the gap between the local media in Iran, mainly in
Persian, and international media — blogs in two languages

Three functions:

presenting facts or
reporting –MSM


Creating public debate (highest level?)

Web logs performing functions msm doesn’t do -challenging and
creating debates

Middleware — if it works well you don’t hear about it —
blogging host system at usc, entire campus community 

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    BlogNashville: Staci Kramer – Committing Journalism

    As usual, I am live-blogging so notes will be rough and I won’t get everything 🙂 Staci’s blog Discussion specific page. This is not a discussion of journalism vs. blogging. This is not a discussion about what’s wrong with…

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