JD Lasica’s Darknet Is Released

I’m working on the copy JD literally tossed my way after BlogNashville and hope to finish it this weekend. If you want to understand the intersection between user rights and copyrights, I think you’ll want to read Darknet: Hollywood’s War Against the Digital Generation. Don’t skip the foreward by Howard Rheingold, whose commentary about fair use lays a good foundation.

Beyond the book itself, I appreciate the way JD, a long-time colleague at the Online Journalism Review, used the web as he wrote — it’s the first book I ever tried to "edit" via a wiki — and is trying to use it post-publication as an extension of the book. Some of the links aren’t live or have error messages now, but the site is supposed to offer source material for the book, including interviews, and other resources.

A little strange: Amazon includes book  blurb copy as editorial reviews. I think the comments should be labeled as "blurbs" or as reviews solicited by the publisher or auther, etc. — not lumped in with editorial reviews.    


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