Welcome, Bayosphere

As I reported late yesterday on paidContent, Dan Gillmor’s first Grassroots Media project is underway: Bayosphere.com. The first phase — moving Dan’s blog from Typepad to Bayosphere — was close enough to being accomplished to go live last night.  (No RSS feeds yet.) Registration is required for comments, as part of the community-building effort. This makes particular sense for Dan, who has been plagued by a troll and comment spam. I’m all for a high quality-to-noise ratio although registration, particularly when anonymity is allowed,  is no guarantee of quality. Good luck on all counts, Dan — and please give "wretchedaccess.com" a home as soon as you can.

One more thing: I’ve grown increasingly disconcerted by use of the term "citizen journalism," which seems to suggest that professional journalists — those of us who do it for a living —  aren’t citizens. Grassroots media works in some instances, as do a few other terms (including we-media, as in Dan’s book "We The Media" ), but I’m going with "p2p media" or "peer media" for now.


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