Matt Cooper’s Latest Scoop

Just saw Matt Cooper’s comment following his grand jury testimony today — the one  about not scooping himself by holding the details for a future issue of Time.  The magazine has a web site now and is no longer held hostage to weekly news cycles; if he put the pedal to the metal, we could read about it tonight.  Withholding that information any longer than logistically necesssary at this point will not help anyone.

Beyond that, I wonder if Cooper or his editors realize that answer sounds like Time is trying to capitalize on a sorry situation. Guess it makes some sense given the way it’s been handled up ’til now but I sure hope that’s not the case.

See also Not Above The Law — Not Below, Either  | Time Inc. Folds In First Amendment Case


One comment

  1. JD Lasica

    Staci, that’s an excellent point. If Time kept in mind that they’re in the *news* business and not the print magazine business, they wouldn’t be clinging to such an old media mindset.

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