En Route To BlogHer

I’m at LAX waiting for a flight to Southwest and catching my breath after an utterly insane week. It started with a couple of days in Philadelphia, where my wallet was stolen at the convention center setting off a chain reaction of complications. Turns out the Philadelphia police were right when they said a police report would get me on the plane the next morning to Los Angeles. So far so good.

BlogHer starts tonight with a small dinner for 150 or so. If the noise level is anything like the opening BloggerCon III dinner, lip reading will be in order. More later. …

Turns out I couldn’t post from the airport. Dinner in Alviso  was noisy but full of friends and new faces; actually some of the friends were new faces given that many of them are virtual.

At BlogHer now in the midst of an energetic conversation about traffic, links, "A" lists, new lists, social networking. Thinking of something Halley Suitt said a few minutes ago when she was urging us to read a book called Women Don’t Ask: Negotiation and the Gender Divide by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever. She said ask three times; I heard someone from the audience shout "seven." But here’s the perception problem I can’t shake: men who ask multiple times are assertive; women are nags.

I’ll post here and add to my link blog but my mission is to cover BlogHer for OJR.  Beginning to wonder if that will be like trying to catch lightening in a jar.

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