I’m amending "you can never be too rich or too thin" to "you can never have enough wireless." I couldn’t post much yesterday because the wireless networks at BlogHer were overwhelmed by traffic. The few times I could get a connection felt like winning the lottery.

Despite the wireless blogjam, plenty of words got through yesterday during the inaugural BlogHer. So many people have written so much already, in fact, that what was already an incredibly daunting task — writing about BlogHer for OJR — seems even more so now that I’m reading what everyone else has to say. The goal is to post the OJR coverage later this week. I’m also looking
into starting a wiki to continue the conversation started in the
journalism session. 

To my tablemates at Nicolino’s last night, I’ll never be able to listen to opera again without thinking of you. Nancy White — weren’t you in charge of the lyrics for Kum-Blog-Yah? Skye, Aisha (hope I have the spelling right) — please let me know how to find you. David, you were incredibly patient. Susie/Susannah Gardner, great to get some time with you. Amy Gehren, fun to finally meet in person.

Lisa, Elisa, Renee, Jory, Chris  and many, many more — thanks for the organizing, the hospitality and for making traveling with a broken foot easier to bear.

I’m off to Palo Alto for a day or two. Seemed like a good place to get a lot of work/thinking done before heading to San Francisco, Las Vegas and finally home. More later.


  1. Nancy White

    Kum-blog-ya, my friend
    I hope the bill worked out and we did not stiff you. I barely kept my eyes open driving home, then did work for an hour. I’m one sick puppy.
    It was fantastic meeting you and I hope the conversations continue. Maybe with a song, here and there!

  2. The Social Customer Manifesto

    BlogHer: Stretching Outside The Comfort Zone

    t’rati: newvoices, icerocket: newvoices (what’s this?) I’m still in that post-conference, brain-spinning-with-ideas afterglow after spending the weekend at Blogher. Elisa, Jory, Lisa…what to say? Brilliant execution. And this was just version 1.0. T…

  3. Evelyn Rodriguez

    Staci, I’m still abuzz after our chat. (And pleased you got your wallet back and I witnessed a good deed to boot.) I’m proposing the “suffragette” Technorati tag (in addition to usuals like “citizen journalism”, etc.) to also continue blogging discussions of the Suffragette Journalism panel. Thanks!

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