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Media Companies Abruptly Shut Down quadrantOne

And another grand plan by major publishers bites the dust. Tribune, Gannett, the New York Times Co. and Hearst have shut down quadrantOne effective immediately. The agency was an attempt to scale local for national display advertising, harnessing the power of the four owners and others. The abrupt website notice

Important Information About quadrantONE

To all of our valued partners:

As a result of the many changes that have occurred in the digital advertising marketplace over the last several years, the owner companies of quadrantONE have decided to seek different paths for national display advertising. As a result, quadrantONE will wind down current operations.

We’d like to take this opportunity thank all of our affiliate and advertising partners who have worked with us over the last 5 years. It has simply been our pleasure to serve you.


The quadrantONE Team

Chicago-based QuadrantOne launched five years ago this month as some of the leading newspaper publishers looked for ways to capitalize on their local reach by providing advertisers with ways to target across organizations. Joint ventures, particularly in the competitive media space, are notoriously difficult. Often the betting is on how long they will last, rather than can they succeed. In that respect, Q1 went a little longer than I might have expected, especially with Tribune’s financial woes and the management changes across the various companies.

Update: David Kaplan, who covered quadrantOne in depth for paidContent and knows the ad exchange biz upside down and sideways, has a piece up now at AdExchanger:

One cause, according to sources, was bickering among JV partners, including over the investment they would be willing to contribute to the company going forward. …

The disintegration could – in part – be attributed to growing internal programmatic strategies that create better yield than the assumed scale of the co-operative. Also, this may be a sign that exchanges are creating better yield these days. Why manage a separate exchange when you can go through existing exchanges such as Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange, PubMatic, Rubicon Project, AppNexus and so on, and receive comparable or better CPMs.

See comment above about JVs being “notoriously difficult” — then add in the usual problems of startups and the rapidly changing ad marketplace.

Disclosure: My brother Billy Kramer worked for quadrantOne in 2010-11 but is not one of those who lost their jobs with no warning today.

Roll On, Columbia, Roll On

  1. On a Saturday morning 10 years ago, some of us got up to watch the space shuttle land — space flight an almost-routine occurrence as the sharp pangs of Challenger faded to memory. And then Columbia disappeared, jarring us out of that complacency about space flight, reminding a nation that years of safe roundtrips didn’t erase the risk, ripping the heart of NASA, changing families forever.  Mike Massimo, @Astro_Mike to those of us who follow him on Twitter, used the medium that didn’t exist a decade ago to share some of his memories about the people who got to live their dreams by flying through space on STS-107:
  2. Today is the 10 year anniversary of the Space Shuttle Columbia accident, I miss my friends but have awesome memories of each of them
  3. My favorite memory of Laurel Clark: taking our families together to the Children’s Museum in Houston, she was always fun to be around
  4. My favorite memory of Willie McCool: watching him give my one year old son a ride in a rolling chair through the halls of NASA
  5. My favorite memory of Rick Husband: eating his nacho recipe and hearing him talk about his family and flying jets, I miss you buddy
  6. My favorite memory of Dave Brown: going to wrap party for the movie “Armageddon” at the Kennedy Space Center and hangin with the movie stars
  7. My favorite memory of Kalpana “KC” Chawla: meeting and escorting her family during her first space launch at the Kennedy Space Center in ’97
  8. My favorite memory of Ilan Ramon is sharing Christmas together with our family and friends just before his spaceflight
  9. My favorite memory of Mike Anderson: flying in a T-38 together to Kansas and talking about spacewalking along the way, he was always smiling
  10. ‘Mission of Hope’ finds uplifting story within the shuttle Columbia tragedy – Cosmic Log… via @NBCnews
  11. And from others inside the program and out:
  12. #InMemorial RT @FragileOasis
    Journey of the human spirit goes on. Earth’s moon from Space Shuttle #Columbia 26 Jan 2003
  13. #inmemoriam The bright sun dissects the airglow above Earth’s horizon in this photograph taken on STS-107:
  14. 10 years ago today #Israel’s 1st astronaut Col. Ilan Ramon perished in Space Shuttle Columbia. We salute him.
  15. Thinking of the crews of Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia today during NASA’s Day of Remembrance
  16. Remembering the crew of STS-107, aboard Space Shuttle Columbia, lost 10 years ago today.
  17. #inmemoriam STS-107 Mission Specialist David Brown undergoes pre-flight training in a @NASA_Johnson airlock:
  18. Un día como hoy pero del 2003 el transbordador COLUMBIA estalla al volver a la tierra
  19. * As far as I know, Woody Guthrie wasn’t thinking of flights to the moon when he wrote Roll On, Columbia. The song, sung to the tune of ‘Good Night, Irene’ is an ode to a then-contemporary major feat of engineering, combining the power of rivers with the majesty of the Grand Coulee Dam. 

Wrong Kind Of Comments Thrive In A Vacuum

If commenters think your commenting thread is a public space where they can do whatever they want because nobody’s watching, they will do whatever they want. And that is not pretty. And then the potentially constructive comments never get posted, because normal people do not want to waste their time thinking and writing comments that will just get flamed.

— Bora Zivkovic, blog editor of Scientific American in a thoughtful look at the state of commenting. (It would be even more thoughtful if the animated art had an off switch.)

Some Ads Don’t Make Good Neighbors

Some Ads Don't Make Good Neighbors

The Journal News hired armed guards after its staff was threatened for posting names and address of gun owners. The New York Times has some (automated) shopping advice to go with the armed guards. The wire story in the screengrab* isn’t showing up now and probably shouldn’t have been posted since it repeats a staff article from earlier today.

*Image courtesy of eagle-eyed Ed Kohn.

Gift That Keeps On Giving: Dropkick Murphys Live in the Lab

The Dropkick Murphys played a holiday set at the hometown Boston Globe Digital Lab in early December. I’d prefer the full concert but that may be a minority view. Instead, it’s a video playlist with individual songs, including the classic Irish Rover (embedded below).

This should have taken a couple of minutes to post. Instead, I learned a lot more about the limits of video and the vageries of the Brightcove player then I could have imagined. The solution I went with meant skipping the manual embed that would give me more control over the post, giving the player access to my WordPress account and publishing immediately, then going into the post to update. It’s also a dead-end video sans playlist. Oh, well, the results still rock.

Looking For Clarity In 2013? Not Gonna Happen

We live in a time of unprecedented access to entertainment, news, information — even to each other. But that access requires navigating a digital labyrinth, with toll booths, hidden doors, gates that only open in one direction, false exits, and misleading turns — along with some clear paths and dazzling topiary. I wish I could say that will get easier in 2013. It won’t. And if there’s one prediction I feel safe in making, clarity isn’t even in our mid-range future.

Why? I explain as part of the Nieman Jopurnalism Lab 2013 predictions project. (Thanks for including me, Josh.) Lots more on a variety of topics from much smarter people.